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Winter Season 2017- 17/9/17

Hentschke wins on 37th hole


Andrew Hentschke narrowly won his 7th Club Championship at the Strathalbyn Golf Club on Sunday, claiming victory on the 37th hole over an unlucky Leigh Hiscock.

In their 36 hole matchplay contest Andrew was 7 up after the first 18 holes, and 6 up after 27 and looking at possibly an easy win. To Leigh’s credit he fought back strongly parring 28 & 29 for wins and halving the 30th.

To the 31st hole (13th) both players hit wide drives, Andrew to the right and Leigh left. Leigh played his next just short of the green, while Andrew has no shot and had to chip back onto the fairway sideways.  Leigh now 3 down with 5 to go.

To the next where Leigh drove strongly long down the middle, while Andrew hooked left into the trees. Leigh on in 2, with Andrew pulling up short.  Another par for Leigh for the win and 2 down.

Off to the par 3 32nd where both hit good tee shots to the green with both parring for the half. Now the par 5 34th with another 2 good drives, and both playing safe with Andrew to the back of green in 3 and Leigh, pin high right for the same. Both 2 putts and another half. Things getting tight now with Andrew dormy 2, having to only win or halve one of the next two holes.

The par 3 35th, with Leigh hitting a nice looking drive to the front of the green, however Andrew hit his long and to his dismay found his ball tightly against a tree to the rear of the green with no shot to the green whatsoever. Another win to Leigh and looking strong at this stage.

To the final hole, and Leigh led with his drive pulling left towards the previous hole and Andrew slicing right and into the trees. With both players roughly the same distance out Leigh hit a low hard punch under the trees to the green. Great shot.  It was time for some of Andrew’s magic having to slice one out of the trees to get to the green, however not so….. Too long and in the hazard at the rear of the green. He successfully chipped to the green but too many shots. All tied up and to the first extra hole.

Both had great drives with both able to see the green clearly for their second shots, but to Leigh’s horror he sliced short and right into the drain to the right of the green, Andrew to short left. Unfortunately Leigh did not get close enough with his shot out of the hazard, Andrew chipping close for the win.

A great match guys enjoyed by all who watched. Congratulations Andrew.


In B grade new comer to the club Aaron Ulstrup defeated Mark Condon quite convincingly in the end 6 & 5. Their match over 27 holes,   Aaron was 1 up after the first 18 with the lead seesawing numerous times. After a short break for lunch Aaron came out all guns blazing with par, par birdie, and par over the next 4 holes, taking victory on the 23rd hole.

Well done Aaron, it may well be the first of many for you.

In C Grade it was a battle of a couple of old club stalwarts, Trevor Calaby and Kingsley Handke.  In another tight contest, the lead swapped continuously over the first 18 holes with Cal 1 up after 20 holes. Kingsley played straight down the middle on 21st to square the match again, and Cal winning the next.

On the 23rd Cal had trouble in the trees on the right, with Kingsley again fighting back for the win.

The par 3 24th saw Cal play a glorious tee shot pin high to the right, with Kingsley falling a little short but on in 3, Cal 2 putts for the win and 1 up again.

To the Par 5 with both hitting their drives into the trees to the left, unfortunately Kingsley came to rest on the banks of the creek, having to chip out safely, while Cal had a lucky bounce off the tree. Off to the green with Cal in for 6 for another win.

Off to the 26th hole another par 3, with Cal teeing off strongly to the front of green, while Kingsley a bit shorter and chipping to the back of green, while Cal chipped close to claim victory.

Congratulations Trevor, a long time in between drinks for you having last won this event in 1993.

Well done to all players with the matches played in good competitive spirit.