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Mens Saturday Results

Persistence pays off for Roberts' crew

What a great day for golf last Saturday, that was before the conditions deteriorated but it didn't deter the Roberts family who persisted to complete the course in adverse conditions as others pulled the pin and they were rewarded, with Matthew and Tyson leading the results with 40 stableford points each.

There were forty four starters in reasonable weather at the start but by the end there were only thirty six to finish the course.

The Roberts crew of Brenton, Sally, Matthew and Tyson were one of the last groups to start and while other late starters were pulling out after eleven or twelve hole, they persisted in the strong winds and rain with Matthew and Tyson easily out doing their parents, both having seventeen points on the first nine and then in the tougher conditions both had twenty three points on the back nine.

A Grader Brenton was on fire early with one over the card on the first nine with 21 points but he couldn't cope with the conditions in the end with just twelve more points scored on the back nine.

Dave Wright who was an early bird and playing in reasonably good conditions, was one of the first groups back at the clubhouse and must have been feeling confident of going close to winning the day with 39 points, as the weather deteriorated but it was not to be.

It was good to see some old faces back on the course in Frank Clennett who recorded 29 points while, Phil Perin went around as well but no card handed in for some reason.

It was a bit of a surprise to see Lyndon Gill rock up earlier than usual, no doubt to beat the rain but most others had the same idea and they were lucky to find a sand bucket to fill up their divots.

So Lyndon was still late, being one of the last out and then pulling the pin when on nineteen points as, after having two good hits on the par five twelfth, couldn't see where his ball went next shot due to the rain.

Dave Pryor obviously needs glasses, not able to see the hole a foot in front of him, missing the putt from that distance on several occasions, must have been taught by partner Brian Simpson.

Dave also caught Brian's habit of hitting the wrong ball, doing it twice during his round much to his disgust, as he could have finished better than 27 points for the round.

There was a bit of comedy on the par three sixth over the creek for one group, as Randall Pitt topped his ball to finish in the creek, then Derek Keane told the rest to watch this and sure enough also landed in the creek, while other member of the group Dennis Gatehouse was laughing his head off at the so called A Graders, showing how to do it, teeing off to land on the green for a par.

Red Sorrell obviously didn't think Ian Schroeter was playing well enough so he lost his card while playing the eighth, the wind taking it to the third fairway before they retrieved it and resumed play, a bit of wasted time as they pulled the pin after three more holes.

Regular golf cart driver Allen Anderson decided to see if he could still walk the course, and recorded a creditable 35 points, while another regular cart driver Des Kelly was still using his cart around the course after his round of 32, saying to others that play had been called off but in reality it was a case of phone a friend on his effort, and that was in losing his mobile phone while playing, and he got the desired result.

The delayed opening day for the winter season is due to take place this Saturday with some of the restrictions lifted.

The format will be an Ambrose event yet to be decided whether it will be a 2, 3 or 4 ball contest, decided by numbers on the day, with an anticipated 12:00pm shotgun start.

30/5/2020 - Stableford


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
34 - Andrew Pavy
33 - Brenton Roberts
31 - Graeme Bertholini
31 - Sean Naylon
30 - Chris Barker
30 - Graham Klenke
29 - Frank Clennett
27 - Andrew Hentschke
24 - Garieth Pitt
23 - Graeme Noble
21 - Mark Condon
21 - Red Sorrell
18 - Randall Pitt
16 - Derek Keane
40 - Matthew Roberts
39 - David Wright
32 - Des Kelly
31 - Lachlan Williams
30 - David Klenke
29 - Damon Mayes
29 - Brian Simpson
27 - Tim Formby
24 - Mick Beasley
23 - Donald Bell
22 - Gary Beasley
21 - Michael Clarke
17 - Dennis Gatehouse
16 - Ian Schroeter
40 - Tyson Roberts
35 - Allen Anderson
29 - J. Baker
29 - Peter McNulty
29 - Kim Wittwer
27 - David Bottoff
27 - Perry Jones
27 - David Pryor
26 - Darren Bentley
25 - Peter Drury
24 - Sean Butler
24 - Eric March
23 - Ryan Carpenter
23 - Michael Formby
19 - Lyndon Gill
16 - Kooka