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Mayes hole in one not enough to roll Don Bell

Damon Mayes is certainly on a roll at the moment with a hole in one at Strathalbyn last Saturday but it was not enough to win the Stroke round, that privilege going to Don Bell on a countback.

It certainly was a tight finish for the day with 44 starters, as three players finished with a nett 69, they being Don Bell, Damon Mayes and Randall Pitt.

As the overall winner for the day was B-grade player Don Bell, the top prize in B-grade went to Damon but he was more excited and celebrating his hole in one on the eighth, not able to see from the tee block if the ball had rolled off the back off the green or dropped in the hole.

His effort was a bit confusing when another group on the first nine arrived at the green, taking out the flag and after wondering how the nearest the pin marker was lying on the green after they completed their putts.

As the hole marker was stuck in the top of the flag it had dropped off in taking the flag out, so the marker was then placed near the hole, luckily Damon’s group were next up on their back nine and quickly rectified the situation, putting the marker back on top of the flag.

Randall Pitt, one of the last to finish, took out the A-grade and must have thought he was in with a chance in a nett 69 but it was not too be he beating Graeme Noble in that grade on 70 who had some big hits on the day, one enough to win the longest drive.

Gordon Robson found a bit of form in B-grade to finish on 73, no shanks reported and getting nearest the pin on the 17th.

It was new-comer Dan Adams taking out the C-grade with 70, 14 players in this grade getting into the 70’s.

Andrew Smith had the expertise to somehow hit the creek bank off the 5th tee and see his ball bounce and lob on the fairway and then having watched that effort, John Williams in the next group, thought he could do something better so his tee shot lobbed before the creek and bounced just enough to be left sitting on the edge of the other side of the bank and just able to then squeeze his second shot out towards the green.

Andrew must have thought that the holes were not big enough for him so he shot through after nine holes to go and make some bigger holes for himself, actually he stopped playing to help supervise the drilling of some footing holes for the new golf cart shed.

Phil Perrin and Andrew Hentschke were off to a party after golf and started in the dark and they complained a bit about the hold ups on their second nine as they had to bide their time to be allowed through and even running up the fairways to get their round finished early.

They were also complaining when trying to putt on the last hole, as the bobcat used to drill the holes made a din when going past them at the time, saying “it put them off”.

Apparently Michael Clarke also had a bit of trouble on the last unable to finish the hole when bitten by some golf bug.
Just because Kingsley Handke and his wife Shelly played golf together on Saturday their playing partners Gordon Robson and Brenton Welk also looked an item on and off during the round.

Gordy teed off on the first and landed alongside the big tree on the left at the corner of the dog-leg, so Welky followed suit.

Then on the third tee, Welky’s drive ended up on the 2nd fairway while Gordon saw his shot land on the 9th fairway but they were back together again when Brenton’s shot finished  behind the second tee block in the trees and Gordon’s second shot went across the third fairway and finished just a metre from Brenton’s ball.

Gordon went on for a 73 while Welky, who won the competition the following Saturday, got the NAGA Award in the B-grade with 89.

Gordon did have a bit of trouble on the 11th tee after seeing Kingsley hit his drive straight up the middle, Gordon then managing to hit the third pine tree on the left and going backwards down the 12th fairway towards the drain.

Kingsley nearly rolled around on the ground in laughter, as it was so funny and after Kingsley had stopped his antics Gordon came up with this quote, “I am not a rock, I do have feelings you know”.

Des Kelly didn’t perform all that well on the day with 80 but he did pick up the meat tray prize and will be out there again this Saturday to improve in the Par competition.

27/2/2021 - Stroke

Winner of the Day

69 - Don Bell

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
69 - Randall Pitt
70 - Graeme Noble
69 - Damon Mayes
73 - Gordon Robson
70 - Dan Adams
71 - Peter Drury


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
71 - Andrew Hentscke
71 - Lachlan Williams
73 - Derek Keane
77 - Mark Condon
76 - Phil Perrin
79 - Red Sorrell
81 - Ryan Carpenter
86 - Chris Barker
75 - Michael Beasley
75 - Brian Simpson
76 - David Wright
77 - Peter Potbury
78 - Gary Beasley
78 - Tim Formby
80 - Des Kelly
82 - Michael Semple
88 - Jamie McPhee
89 - Brenton Welk
72 - Erik Heyns
72 - Paul Hughes
74 - Peter McNulty
75 - Kingsley Handke
75 - Max Schebella
75 - Kim Wittwer
77 - Perry Jones
78 - David Bell
78 - Tony Cash
78 - Ian Schroeter
79 - Simon Goulding
79 - John Williams
82 - Ken Ponting
82 - Luke Redwood
87 - Ashley Gibson
110 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Gary Beasley
8th - Damon Mayes
15th - Erik Heyns
17th - Gordon Robson

Longest Drive

Graeme Noble

Nearest Second


Hole in One

Damon Mayes - 8th Hole

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