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Stuart Warnock on top of the list

Stuart Warnock has played some top golf during the winter season on the course and now looks like doing the same during the summer, winning last Saturday's stroke round with a nett 65.

Stuart in winning the day and being top in A Grade, went around in 72, even after having a bogie five on the last, he is also the A Grade monthly medal winner.

It was a good day with other good scores coming in from the thirty eight that hit off, Derek Keane having 73 in A Grade, Kirk Richardson on 74 and Lachlan Williams with 75.

Current B Grade champion Jamie McPhee was top in B Grade with 67, from David Wright on 69, also collecting two nearest the pins results, while in C Grade Ashley Gibson, thanks to a handicap of 39, was best with 69 from Dave Pryor on 70 and Graeme Nicholson on 71.

Jamie also won the B Grade monthly medal with 85 off the stick and Graeme the C Grade metal with 93 off the stick.

Brian Simpson and Dave Pryor couldn't find any friends to play with so they showed their great golfing skills with Dave coming in with a credible nett 70, as he watched Brian come in with a 88 off the stick, Brian not happy with his putting, having three putts on three holes in the round.

Brian's most memorable hole was the ninth when going for a long birdie putt, managing to hit the flag pole and then taking another two putts to get the ball into the hole.

Bob Wood finished with a nett 76 for the day and is still pondering what his score could have been if he knew how to putt.

What a great day it was for president Randall Pitt being chauffeured around by Derek Keane, great for Derek that is, as Randall was a bit baffled not being in his own cart, continually getting in the driver's side and putting his clubs in Derek's bag.

Tim Formby certainly got his money's worth on the day, having a 'moose' (10) on the fourth and then a nine on the sixteenth during the round, but at least he was able to raise the bat halfway down the eighteenth to signify his 'ton'.

Ian Schroeter with poor club selection was also able to pick up a 'moose' on the seventh and he didn't even go into the dam, no wonder players try not to use certain clubs, Peter Potbury having the solution by leaving one he didn't like in the bin at the tee off block.

New provisional player Ashley Gibson , still came in with a nett 69, despite on the fifth and the next time around, the fourteenth, losing a ball on each occasion.

Graeme Nicholson having his first full round for a couple of seasons, did particularly well on the day, and he would need to in the future to get his monies worth from his round as, after trying to get his old cart fixed up was in that process when his wife spotted a cart that would be also nice for rides around his extensive garden at home having all the gadgets on it and room for passengers on the back.

Probably didn't help Graeme with his golf at this stage with his wayward drives, average putting and having an airie on the twelfth, just before the real Kookaburras were laughing at his partner Mike Semple's game on the thirteenth.

Speaking of Kooka, Red Sorrell was left to play with him and how he kept his concentration going makes one wonder in seeing Kooka go around in 165 off the stick.

The pair also must have thought they were playing at Augusta in America, both trying to skip the ball over the water in the dam to get on the green, they need a bit more practice.

14/11/2020 - Stroke

Winner of the Day

65 - Stuart Warnock


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
73 - Derek Keane
74 - Kirk Richardson
75 - Lachlan Williams
77 - Graeme Bertholini
80 - Randall Pitt
81 - Mark Condon
67 - Jamie McPhee
69 - David Wright
71 - Don Bell
71 - Gordon Robson
71 - Brian Simpson
75 - Sean Walsh
76 - Des Kelly
76 - Bob Wood
77 - Red Sorrell
78 - Peter Potbury
79 - David Klenke
80 - Michael Semple
81 - Damon Mayes
82 - Brenton Welk
85 - Tim Formby
86 - Mark Lynn
69 - Ashley Gibson
70 - David Pryor
71 - Graeme Nicholson
72 - Perry Jones
72 - Max Schebella
75 - Kingsley Handke
76 - Tony Cash
76 - Peter McNulty
77 - Paul Hughes
78 - Kenneth Ponting
79 - Ian Schroeter
80 - Robert Bollard
82 - David Bell
83 - Kim Wittwer
88 - Erik Heyns
138 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Red Sorrell
8th - David Wright
15th - Jamie McPhee
17th - David Wright

Longest Drive

Peter McNulty

Nearest 2nd

Chris Barker

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