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Strathalbyn Ladies Results


On Wednesday 12th May 13 ladies played a Stableford competition. The morning started quite crisp but became very pleasant with overcast conditions for the ladies. The course played long after the rain and most players found the going relatively tough.

However, Marie Kingsbury flourished in the conditions with a great 33 points and was a runaway winner for the day. Runner-up was Shelley Handke on a countback from Ann Semple both with 28 points. The other ladies followed with Di Krutli 27, Pauline Walkom 26, Jo Pickhaver 25, Jo Cullen 23, Carol Pelle on a countback from Jenny Drury both on 22, Julie Jantke 21 and Sue Pryor with 14 points. Sue Sutton and Penny Geue played 9 holes and had fun visiting much of the course.

Carol had a gobbler (chip in) on the 10th and not to be outdone, her playing partner, Di had one on the 11th.

Great to see Julie Jantke back on the course again.

Next week the ladies will play another Stableford competition, so some ladies are hoping for better results.


Bernie and Shelley 2021 Champions

On Wednesday 5th May, the Ladies ‘A’ and ‘B’ Grade Championships were finalised out at the Strathalbyn Golf Course.

Bernie Gatehouse and Mel Johnson were playing for the ‘A’ Grade Championship with Bernie winning 3 up and 2 to go.

Shelley Handke and Ann Semple contended the ‘B’ Grade Championship with Shelley finally winning on the 18th hole.

Both games produced good golf with them lasting for most of the 18 holes. Congratulations to all four ladies with a special high five for the winners Bernie and Shelley.

The other 13 ladies played a 9hole Ambrose with the team of Jenny Drury, Joy Griffiths, Sue Sutton and Jo Pickhaver winning the day.

Marie Kingsbury, Di Krutli and Madeline Fletcher were runners-up, followed by Jo Cullen, Maureen Need and Sue Pryor and then came Susy Schebella, Pauline Walkom and Penny Geue. The scores were very close with 2 teams having to be separated by a countback.
Jo Pickhaver won NTP on the 9th hole.

It was great to see both Penny and Maureen back on the golf course after a time away.

Jenny Drury gave the ladies an account of the Pennant season. We had, had fun but not a lot of luck winning many matches. However, Mel Johnson, Jo Cullen and Pauline Walkom all won a ball for the best play during the season. Well done ladies.

The ladies then had a shared lunch to celebrate the winners of the championships. There were 22 ladies around the lunch tables which was wonderful to see.

This was by far the most ladies we had seen out at the course for quite a while. It was nice to see Lorraine Blucher, Carol Pelle and the card ladies Pat Stephens, Margaret Dewhurst and Jacky Langridge joining us for lunch.

Next week the ladies will be playing a Stableford competition.


On Wednesday 28th April, with fantastic weather on the horizon, the semi-finals of the club championships were played. The results were Bernie Gatehouse 2 up over Jo Cullen, Mel Johnson 1 up over Jo Pickhaver, Shelley Handke 4 up with 3 to go over Marg Colby and Ann Semple 2 up and 1 to go over Madeline.

So, the finalists for the Championships are Bernie and Mel in ‘A’ Grade and Shelley and Ann in ‘B ’Grade.

A Stableford competition was played by the other ladies with Di Krutli winning on a countback from Tonya Merritt both on 33 points, Sue Pryor 29, Pauline Walkom 25, Marie Kingsbury on a countback from Susy Schebella 24 and Carol Pelle on 22 points.
Tonya won the NTP with a great second shot on the 17th. Sue Pryor had a gobbler on the 3rd hole and Susy Schebella had one on the 13th hole.

Next week, 4 ladies will play the finals while the other ladies will play a 9hole 3 person Ambrose and then follow the ladies as they finish. A shared lunch will complete the morning.


On Wednesday 21st April, the ladies played the quarter finals of the Championship. The weather was kind and the ladies had good close matches.

In the ‘A’ Grade, Bernie Gatehouse played Jenny Drury and won 4 and 3, Jo Cullen won against Tonya Merritt 1 up on the 19th hole, Mel Johnson had a good battle with Di Krutli winning on the 20th hole. Jo Pickhaver and Marie Kingsbury had played earlier with Jo winning 5 and 4.

In the ‘B’ Grade, Shelley Handke and Madeline Fletcher both had Byes.  Marg Colby won against Pauline Walkom 2 and 1 and Ann Semple won 7 and 6 against Sue Pryor.

Next week matches are Bernie v Jo C, Mel v Jo P, Shelley v Marg C and Ann v Madeline. All the best, ladies.

Carol Pelle and Sue Sutton played a 9hole Stableford competition and Madeline Fletcher and Joy Griffiths played 18 holes.

Sue scored 5 points, Carol 9 points, Madeline 17 points and Joy was the winner of the day with 21 points.