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Strathalbyn Ladies Results


Jo Pickhaver wins in the wet!!

Eleven ladies started out, one arrived late after a birthday sleep in, but only 7 ladies put their cards in for the Stableford round played on Wednesday 17th July. Some ladies had to pull out through injury, illness, a flat battery and just being too sodden with the short sharp showers that continued for the morning as they played. The game was changed to a 9hole competition instead of an 18hole comp., but the ladies still got very wet when trying to complete those holes.
There was no NTP as the fairways were rather slow with very little run so no-one was accurate enough on the 9th hole. There were also no birdies or gobblers.

Jo Pickhaver and Ann Semple finished with 13 points, but Jo won on a countback. Pauline Walkom 12, and Marie Kingsbury, Charmaine Aplin, Carol Pelle were just happy to finish after 9 holes.
The ladies then headed to the Victoria Hotel to celebrate the July birthdays of 6 ladies, Pauline Walkom 80th, Sue Phillips, Penny Geue, Jacky Langridge, Sue Pryor and Viv Dahl. Jo Cullen had made a delicious carrot cake for Pauline. It was very well received by the ladies who were able to attend.

Some ladies are attending the Country Championships at South Lakes next week, so we wish them all the best in their endeavours.


Di Krutli wins Rhonda Simcock Memorial Round

On Wednesday 10th July, 15 ladies played a Stroke round to remember former golfer Rhonda Simcock. With the heavy cloud cover, the course did not give the ladies very much run so accuracy was the order of the day.
Di Krutli tamed the conditions the best with a 75 nett, while Mandi Vardon was close behind with 76. Three ladies followed on 77 nett – Kerrie Edwards, Charmaine Aplin and Pauline Walkom. Cara Eastwood finished on 79, Maureen Need 81, while Tonya Merritt and Jo Pickhaver both had 82. Viv Dahl scored 83 and another three ladies followed on 86 – Mel Johnson, Carol Pelle and Jo Cullen. Ann Semple had 87 and Sue Phillips finished on 99 nett.
NTP winner with her second shot on the 17th was Tonya. Charmaine was clever with a gobbler on the 10th hole. Cara had an unfortunate hole on the 6th. She lost 3 balls in what she called ‘The Bermuda Triangle’. One went in the creek, one hit a tree and went over the road and one was lost in the grass. Better luck next week, Cara. However, no-one went in the dam this week. That was positive.


July Monthly Medallist is Penny Geue.

On Wednesday 3rd July, 14 ladies played a round that included Stroke, Putting, Monthly Medal, Mc Bain and International Bowl competitions.
The winner on the day in the Stroke competition was Penny Geue with a fantastic 78 nett. She was closely followed by Cara Eastwood with 79, while Di Krutli and Marie Kingsbury scored 81 each. Carol Pelle, Ann Semple, Mel Johnson and Tonya Merritt could not be split as they all finished with 82. Next came Jo Pickhaver on 83, Viv Dahl 84, Pauline Walkom and Charmaine Aplin both on 86, Jo Cullen 90 and Sue Pryor on 94.
Sue Phillips and Maureen Need played 9 holes and finished with 41 and 51 respectively.
In the Putting competition, Jo P. had a good day and finished with 26. Marie and Jo C. 30, Pauline, Charmaine, Carol, and Di had 31, Penny 32, Tonya and Cara 33, Mel and Viv 34, Sue Pry. 36 and Ann 37 putts for the game. For the 9 holers, Sue Ph. had 21 and Maureen had 24 putts.
No-one was accurate with their drive on the 9th hole, so no NTP was won. Also, no gobblers or birdies for the day.

The ladies welcomed new member Viv Dahl to their club and hoped she will enjoy her time playing at Strathalbyn.
The dam edge had a couple of visitors with both ladies able to get their ball out first hit – Jo P on the 7th and Carol on the 16th. Marie’s ball decided to climb a tree and settle in the bark. See her try to get it out – 2 maybe 3 shots later!! Someone who will remain nameless ventured into the creek on the 6th, not once, twice or even three times. She gave it a fourth try as well. Luckily, one ball was found!!

All we can say was that the weather was good for golf and after the rain in the previous week the fairways played well. Let’s hope for a good weather and happy golf next week. 


Two wins in a row for Ann Semple.

Wednesday dawned drizzly and cold but 6 brave?? ladies headed out, dressed in wet weather gear, to the Strath golf course for a Par round of golf. A few wondered if they should have stayed in bed by the time they had finished their round but luckily the rain stayed drizzly rather than heavy showers.
However, Ann Semple found the conditions to her liking yet again for another win to make it two in two weeks. Good golfing Ann. She scored +4 so watch for her handicap to come down a little. Charmaine Aplin was runner-up with -5 with Jo Pickhaver and Marie Kingsbury sharing -6. Tonya Merritt finished with -11 and Pauline Walkom had -13.
NTP winner with her second shot on the 17th hole was Tonya Merritt.

Stories from the day included the group of Marie, Charmaine and Pauline all hitting into the ditch on the 14th. With all the rain in the last week, the water in the ditch was brown. No balls found. They all had to take a drop, line up behind the ditch and hit again. They progressed towards the green, but Marie took a diversion towards the Hobbit Hole tree and landed right beside a horseshoe. Thought they were meant to be lucky!! Not so for Marie. Pauline found everything that could be found on the golf course – I don’t think she meant in a good way!! No-one went in the dam but Tonya skimmed the edge.


Ann Semple wins the day.

In perfect golfing weather, 14 ladies headed out for a Stableford competition on Wednesday 19th June. There was a prediction of rain, but the ladies had a clear morning for their golf.

Ann Semple certainly took advantage of the good conditions by playing beautifully for 37 points. Jenny Drury had been hoping with 34, but Ann had her measure. Tonya Merritt played well for 33 and Marie Kingsbury was not too far behind with 32. Amanda Vardon and Carol Pelle had to settle for 31, while Di Krutli and Kerrie Edwards battled hard for 29. MelJohnson was next with 27 and Pauline Walkom scored 25. Charmaine Aplin, Sue Pryor and Maureen Need all finished with 24 points. Jo Pickhaver was still on holidays and forgot that watching the ball is somewhat important in golf. She scored 21 points.

NTP winner was Jenny with a very nice drive on the 9th hole and she finished it off with a great putt to finish with a birdie on the hole. Amanda had 2 birdies, on the 4th and 12th holes. Di had a gobbler on the 17th.
Kerrie, once again, had good luck with the trees. They looked after her with positive outcomes when they came into play. Di looked good with her new remote buggy. Word is that she hasn’t hit anyone yet!!

On Friday, 21st June, 6 ladies represented the club at Lameroo for their Open Day. Thank you to Carol, Di, Maureen, Amanda, Ann and Charmaine who travelled down to their golf course. Ann, Carol and Di set off early Friday morning and encountered foggy conditions that made the scenery on the way quite beautiful and picturesque. Once there, the ladies had great weather with crisp, clear, sunny conditions for their game. The food and hospitality were great while the golf was fair. Amanda stood out coming 4th in Div.2 and, also won the longest drive for that division. The Lameroo Club have decided on a perpetual trophy for the club with the most players attending their Open Day. This year Strathalbyn and South Lakes tied for the wooden putter trophy with 6 ladies each. Well done.


Amanda Vardon scorches up course

Following Amanda’s great round last Wednesday when she won the monthly medal, she came out this week and continued in top form to score an amazing 43 stableford points and the NTP...Wow!! Amanda is certainly having a purple patch with her golf and will be losing some strokes off her handicap. Not a lot of girls out this week, maybe holidays, appointments and sickness, speaking of sickness, Carol Pelle and Sue Pryor commenced their playoff round of the Laurel Wreath and where having a tight tussle. Sadly Carol had to retire after the ninth as she was suffering with an upset tummy, so unable to continue and Sue will progress to next round on a forfeit. Good luck Sue. The local kangaroos where out in great numbers Wednesday, chasing the new green shoots of grass off the fairway. Obviously with full bellies, they just lounged around, smirking at us silly people trying to hit a decent golf shot. One unfortunate roo collected a wayward shot from Anne Semple, but just shook himself and kept on with his eating. A couple of spectacular shots happened on the 6th tee block. The tee markers were set very close to cement boundary of the tee block and Jenny Drury and Pauline Walkhom  both hit their tee shots very low and hit the cement blocks, resulting in their shots flying high up and rebounding metres BEHIND them, not a good way to start that hole off. Also, what was Jenny Drury doing in the ditch in front of the 7th tee? Not a good place to be Jenny. Quite a few of our lady golfers are off to Lameroo next Friday for the Lameroo Open Day, good luck, enjoy your golf and watch out for the local crows, they love the coloured golf balls!!


Party Time for Golf Ladies

Well, it was all happening at the conclusion of Wednesday golf.  Four of our members celebrated their birthdays with yummy  champagne and delicious carrot cake and lemon cake.  The oldest and youngest member  of the ladies club were among this group and Maureen Need was celebrating a special birthday, the big 80, congratulations Maureen, keep on hitting them straight down the fairway. Sadly, we shared this occasion with Bernadine Gatehouse, who with husband Dennis, have sold their home in Willyaroo and are moving to Queensland, where I know Bernie will enjoy the warmer weather and the wonderful golfcourses. Bernadine came to our club with a wealth of golfing knowledge and we have benefited  from her input over the years, thanks Bernadine, and we all wish you well in the future.  The card ladies have not been enjoying the best of health lately, so it was great to see them all back in action at the club on Wednesday. Also one of our newer members, Christine Ciavatta has not been golfing lately, mainly due to holidays etc, so was great to see her out on Wednesday having a hit again. Keep up the good work Christine. Being the first Wednesday in the month, the competition was the  monthly medal in conjunction with stroke (groans all round!!!) and putting competition. 
Amanda Vardon had a great round of nett 72 and so won the stroke comp and the monthly medal. Followed by Tonya Merritt and Marie Kingsbury on nett  74, then came Pauline Walkhom and Penny Geue with nett 75, followed by the rest of us who mostly had hard luck stories. The putting comp was shared by Tonya and Marie with 28 putts each for the day, nearest putting tallies to these girls were in the mid thirties, so sadly putting let most of us down. Gobblers were scored by Anne Semple, Sue Phillips and Marie Kingsbury  and two great birdies were had by Marie Kingsbury and Kerry Edwards. NTP  on the 9th was Di Krutli , who was heard to say that it was the only highlight for her round of golf on the day.
The hazard drain on the 14th fairway claimed yet another victim this week. Saw Pauline Walkhom have an ordinary drive off the tee, which struggled into the hazard, then hit a rock and shot sideways left up the drain pipe, completely unhittable!!. So, Pauline had to take her medicine, have a drop out and incur a penalty before she could get on her way to the green. However, she must have had some good shots as she came in with a handy nett 75  fourth in the comp for the day.
The course appreciated the recent rain, starting to green up already. Fingers crossed for more soon.