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Strathalbyn Ladies Results


On Wednesday 18th November, 13 ladies ventured out in the warm weather to play a social Stableford round of golf.

For those that had great round, I’m sorry that the scores could not be added to help your handicap but hopefully you can repeat the score when we are able to play formal competitions again.

Winner on the day was Charmaine Aplin with a wonderful 41 points followed by Jenny Drury with a great 38 points.

They were followed by Ann Semple with 35, Bernie Gatehouse and Jo Cullen with 34, Pauline Walkom and Mel Johnson with 33, Di Krutli, Tonya Merritt and Jo Pickhaver with 28 and Susy Schebella with 27. Marie Kingsbury with 16 and Di Millwood with 11 played 9 holes.

Whether we play next week is unknown at this stage. Look for updates by emails.


For Remembrance Day the ladies played a par 3 competition with the men

The ladies results were

Net Winner J. Cullen on 40, with B. Gatehouse a close second with 40.5, Third was A. Semple with 41.5 followed by C. Aplin 42.5, D. Krutli 42.5, J. Drury 43.5, J. Griffiths 44.5, M. Need 45, T. Merritt 45.5, S. Phllips 46.5, J. Langridge 49.5, M. Johnson 50, S. Schebella 56.5.

Putting Winners J. Cullen and B Gatehouse with 23 putts each with D. Krutli and T. Merritt in joint second with 24 putts each, followed by J. Drury 25, M. Johnson 25, C. Aplin 26, M. Need 26, J. Griffiths 27, S. Phillips 29, S. Schebella 31, A. Semple 31, J. Langridge 32.


On Wednesday 4th November, the members of the Strathalbyn Golf club decided to invite ladies who had shown an interest in playing golf but had not come out on competition days to a 9 hole Ambrose round of golf.

It was really pleasing to see 6 ladies take the opportunity to play.

Tonya Merritt, Sue Phillips with Sue Sutton won the day with 23.5, Jo pickhaver with Sue Pryor 25.5 were the runners-up.

They were followed by Ann Semple with Di Darley on 27, Jenny Drury with Kathy McNicol on 30.5, Charmaine Aplin with jenny Greening on 32.5, Di Krutli and Susy Schebella on 33.8 and Jo Cullen with Judy Cross on 37.75.

NTP for the visitors, 2nd shot on 9th hole, was won by Sue Pryor and for the regular players, 1st shot on 9th hole, the winner was Jo Pickhaver.

Wendy Goldsworthy, who was invited by Sue Phillips, joined the card ladies and learnt their special card game and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She is hoping to join them at her earliest opportunity

After the game, the ladies enjoyed a lunch in the clubhouse and lots of chatter. Some even said that they would be coming back to play more often.

On Tuesday, 7 golf ladies had a Melbourne Cup lunch at Oasis. They all had a delicious lunch and 5 of them won either raffle prizes, best hat prizes or 1st,2nd,3rd,or last on the sweeps. A great day was had by all.

Next week, the ladies will join the men for a Par 3 game.


On Wednesday 28th October, in wonderful golfing weather, 13 ladies headed out on the course for a Stroke round of golf.

The winner was Jenny Drury with a fantastic round of 70 nett, with Jo Pickhaver being runner-up with 74 nett.

They were followed by visitor to the club, Elizabeth Perkins with 77, Joy Griffiths scoring 78, Bernie Gatehouse with 79, Di Krutli having 81, Maureen Need with 82, Charmaine Aplin scoring 82, Mel Johnson with 84, Anne Semple with 85, Marg Colby with 86 and Sue Phillips with 101.

Jo Cullen was playing quite well but had a horror hole on the 15th so decided to stop her game.

NTP on the 9th hole was won by Jo Pickhaver.

Next week, the ladies are holding a guest day with members inviting ladies who have shown some interest in playing golf but, as yet, have not ventured out to the course.

See you out there!!!