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Mens Saturday Results

Derek Keane ends 2019 on a high with 43 points

Derek Keane was at his best on Saturday for the final round of 2019 putting together a 21 on the front and 22 on the back which included a nearest the pin on the seventeenth to win the day at the Strathalbyn Golf Club.

Chris Barker was hot on Derek's heels also having a 21 on the front and 22 on the back but was beaten in a countback and had to settle for the consolation prize of being the A Grade winner, Garieth Pitt put up an honest 36 to claim the runner up spot.

B Grade saw Des Kelly take a comfortable win with 42 points after getting 19 on the front nine he put his head down and followed that up with a cheeky 23 on the back he also picked up 2 nearest the pins on the sixth and eighth, Tim Formby took the runner up spot with 37 points.

C Grade was won by Mark Lynn with a commanding 42 points, Mark Lynn had the reverse of Des Kelly with a 23 on the front and 19 on the back while Kingsley Handke was the runner up with 37 points after beating Mark Schutt on a countback.

Michael Clarke had one the worst best tee shots ever seen at the golf club, teeing off the sixth Michael Clarkes ball went straight down the hill bouncing over the creek then continuing to bounce and roll up the hill ending up 20meters short of the green, Clarkey finished with a nice chip and a 1 putt to par the hole, very lucky indeed my friend.

Poor ol Kooka found himself in some trouble while helping playing partner Kim Wittwer find his ball on the seventh, Kooka found Kims ball but in the process of doing so stood on a long stick that shot up like a seesaw and hit Kooka right in the plums and dropped him like a sack of potatoes, he was comforted by his playing partners who all stood around laughing.

Speaking of Kim Wittwer he must have gotten the "Big Book of Excuses" for Christmas and wanted to try it out as he missed a putt he really should have gotten on the fifth then immediately blamed the helicopter that was flying over head, we all thought we had heard all the excuses before but that's a new one.

Dennis Gatehouse will also need to find some excuses as he parked his buggy next to him as he always does and played his shot only this time the ball went about 90degrees from were he was aiming, the ball hit his buggy and then came back to where he played the shot from, Dennis then follow that up by hitting the presidents golf cart on the very next shot, be careful who you listen to on YouTube Dennis.

Kim Wittwer, Damon Mayes and Don Bell were the three card pulled for the lucky putt jackpot, both Kim and Damon missed but Don Bell held his nerve to sink the putt and pickup the cool $115 Jackpot, congratulations Don Bell!.

Allen Anderson selected the correct number to take home the meat tray.

28/12/2019 - Stableford

Winner of the Day

43 - Derek Keane

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
43 - Chris Barker
36 - Garieth Pitt
42 - Des Kelly
37 - Tim Formby
42 - Mark Lynn
37 - Kingsley Handke


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
34 - Mark Condon
29 - Graeme Noble
35 - Gordon Robson
34 - David Klenke
34 - Peter Potbury
32 - Don Bell
29 - Allen Anderson
29 - David Wright
28 - Michael Clarke
37 - Mark Schutt
35 - Dennis Gatehouse
35 - Damon Mayes
35 - Kim Wittwer
14 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Des Kelly
8th - Des Kelly
15th - Chris Barker
17th - Derek Keane

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