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Mens Saturday Results

Damon Mayse at it again

Damon Mayse is at it again, churning up the Strathalbyn golf course last Saturday, the competition changed due to the greens being renovated, being a par bisque, Damon coming in with a +9.

There was a bit of controversy as he put +10 on the board, then it was discovered, having signed his card, that he couldn't work out his handicap properly adding an extra shot to his handicap.

With his recent success there were plenty of call to disqualify him but common sense prevailed with the handicapper adjusting his card accordingly, also mentioning that he would like to adjust Damo's handicap after his latest effort but due to the nature of Saturday's competition no handicaps will alter.

Damon only use six from his handicap on the front nine, then having plenty of points left was able to to square a hole after having an eight on the back nine.

All the top scores came from the C grade with Alan Anderson, having given bowls a rest for the day, could be that he got dropped from the team, coming in with a credible +7, followed up by Lachlan Williams and Tony Cash coming in with +5.

In A grade there was only one positive score a Derek Keane came in a +1, leaving it to Graeme Noble, Red Sorrell and Randall Pitt all square, to fight it out in a count back fro second, Nobby getting it.

In B grade it was three players coming in with +3, Peter Potbury winning on a count back from Dave Klenke, who had run out of shots with two holes to play but managed to par both of them, and Des Kelly.

Peter , like Damo, had one putt on eight holes to each win the Termi voucher.

Kooka's player partners Kingsley and Perry got a lession on how to hit the ball consistently into the hard but not without problems, in hitting trees, landing on the wrong fairway and at one stage they thought Kooka was on his way to Ashbourne course, as his shot over the Creek on the par three six hole finished on Ashbourne Road, not like Perry Jones who won nearest the pin.

Kooka got his first and only plus for the day from just of the back of the seventeenth green belted the ball, lucky to see it hit the pin and drop in the hole.

While the green had been scarified and cored it didn't make a hell of a lot of difference to anyone's normal putting, but Perry Jones found the third hole to his liking, putting out of the rough at the back of the green, seeing it slow down enough to go into the hole sideways.

Kingsley said he was playing well having build up a good plus score but ran out of points to finish with four minus holes.

Kim Wittwer at one stage was asking who invented the stupid bar bisque format, trying to use his phone to calculator to work out what his score should be, he was not the only one having trouble working out their score.

Berties couldn't find his ball on the sixteenth after saying he would be able to find it, eventually partners Pavy and Mayes having to help him, only to find he had parked his buggy over the top of his ball, naturally leading to a bit of verbal banter.

The number nine was on the meat tray raffle card again, thankfully it had a two infront of it this time for Chris Barker to win.

Damon Mayes, having won the day had the honour of calling the first number from 1 - 22 of the score cards of the 22 of the 27 who played on the day and were still present, to go for the $100 jackpot and Damo, having stuffed up his card on the day, was one number out again in calling out 23.

In the end all the players named called out were sitting at the same table, in Nobby, Don and Perry Jones, all missing their chance for cash in the pocket.

This Saturday will be a stableford competition and the topped dressed greens ready to make things interesting.

7/12/2019 - Par Bisque

Winner of the Day

+9 - Damon Mayes

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
+1 - Derek Keane
 0 - Graeme Noble
+3 - Peter Potbury
+3 - David Klenke
+7 - Allen Anderson
+5 - Lachlan Williams


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
 0 - Red Sorrell
 0 - Randall Pitt
-2 - Andrew Pavy
-3 - Mark Condon
-4 - Chris Barker
+3 - Des Kelly
+2 - Michael Clarke
+1 - Ian Schroeter
+1 - Tim Formby
 0 - Brenton Welk
-2 - Don Bell
+5 - Tony Cash
+4 - Perry Jones
+3 - Lyndon Gill
+2 - Max Schebella
+1 - Kingsley Handke
 0 - Kim Wittwer
 0 - Dennis Gatehouse
-7 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Perry Jones
8th - Derek Keane
15th - Derek Keane
17th - Lachlan Williams

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