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Mens Saturday Results

Another amazing round by Mayse

Damon Mayes must like playing stableford as, for the second time in three weeks, he has carted off the competition, this time with 38 points.

The course must have been easy to play last Saturday as there were plenty of other high scores recorded, Damo however doing his best to prove it wasn't that easy, as he continues to break in his new clubs.

Damo, who gathered twenty two points on the front nine, as usual was trying to play to the wrong hole at times, on the second landing the ball near the practice green and on the twelfth somehow going over the eighteenth fairway and finishing up in the woods near the drain on the thirteenth, must have great recovery powers.

While Dave Pryor was a winner on Wednesday, his name didn't appear on the scoreboard for Saturday, probably due to a poor round, or it could have been due to having amnesia after hitting his head in trying to walk through the clubhouse sliding glass door.

He might also have been dizzy from watching his partner Brian Simpson's putting efforts on the day, having several four putts and able to par any of the par three holes on the day.

Graham Klenke was out again to display his big hitting with birdies of the tenth and twelfth as well as smashing his drives on the seventh and sixteenth past the gobble bush, the sixteenth was 153meters from the pin to win A Grade with 37 points from Mark Condon on 36 and Chris Barker on 35, who had an eagle on the sixteenth.

In B grade Tim Formby appeared out of the wilderness to again win with 37 points, seconds place going to Michael Clarke on a count back from Don Bell and Ian Schroeter, Ian still getting a prize for the day in winning the heat tray, taking the five numbers left on the card and for the third time in hour weeks number 49 came up again, could be a rush for that number this Saturday.

In C grade Perry Jones reached 37 points, thanks to the captain amending his score card, to win, also picking up the Terminus award for the most points on the odd numbered holes, Beating Lachlan Williams who had 36, twenty three of them on the back nine and Des Kelly also with 36.

Kooka won the NAGA award again with 20, quite pleased he had three pars in his round.

The $95 putting prize at the end of the day jackpotted again when Derek Keane, Des Kelly and Mark Lynn, who after just one week in B grade was back in C grade, all missed their opportunity to pocket the cash.

With scarifying, coring and sanding of the greens having started, next Saturday's Stroke and putting competition might be in for a change.

30/11/2019 - Stableford

Winner of the Day

38 - Damon Mayes

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
37 - Graham Klenke
36 - Mark Condon
37 - Tim Formby
32 - Michael Clarke
37 - Perry Jones
32 - Lachlan Williams


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
35 - Chris Barker
33 - Troy Williams
30 - Derek Keane
29 - Sean Naylon
28 - Red Sorrell
32 - Don Bell
32 - Ian Schroeter
31 - Gordon Robson
29 - Peter Potbury
29 - Brian Simpson
25 - Bob Wood
36 - Des Kelly
34 - Mark Lynn
32 - Dennis Gatehouse
31 - Max Schebella
30 - Tony Cash
27 - Mark Schutt
25 - John Williams
20 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Chris Barker
8th - N/A
15th - Graham Klenke
17th - Troy Williams

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