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Mens Saturday Results

No Flies on Gordy

Reckon Gordy Robson must have a big can of "mortein" in his bag because the flies didn't affect him like they did the 34 other starters that played in the Par round Saturday.

The old saying "there's no flies on me" summed up Gordy's round with a +5 including some long tee offs, pin point chipping and plenty of one putts to win the day.

His playing partners Kingsley, Mac and Tim couldn't help but smile at Gordy's wonderful golf play or was it the funny jokes he tries to tell everyone, stick to your golf Gordy.

Only four other players for the day to have a plus and Mark Condon being one of those to win the A grade with a +1, Troy Williams runner up on a count back from Sean Naylon both square for the day.

Sean also won himself two golf balls for NTP on the 6th and 17th holes.

Winner of B grade Michael Clarke +1 the only player in his grade with a plus from runner up Ian Schroeter -2 who has found his rhythm so that, what he says is playing consistent golf.

Welcome back to winners circle Des Kelly to take out the C grade with a +3 with Andrew Smith runner up +1.

Speaking of Smithy he told everyone, who would listen to him about chipping in on three holes, playing partners DK and Randall both chipped in on two holes each, OK we believe you.

First to tee off the third hole was Kingsley who didn't even make the ladies tee block we know what's called.

Max, Tim and even Gordy all landed in the trees on the left hand side of the fairway with their tee shots. Hear there was a bit of verbal banter for the next 10 minutes.

Gilly and Max both ended up in the drain between the 13th and 17th fairways checking to see how deep the water is, well that's what they reckon.

Suppose Kooka deserves a mention about his tee shot off the 5th, straight into the bank of the dam, took a drop and his next ball went straight into a tree, bounced back to him of the full which he caught and put the ball into his pocked and walked to the next hole.

Hey Kooka only us left handers are clever enough to do magic stuff like that.

23/11/2019 - Par

Winner of the Day

+5 Gordon Robson

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
+1 Mark Condon
 0 Troy Williams
+1 Michael Clarke
-2 Ian Schroeter
+3 Des Kelly
+1 Andrew Smith


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
 0 Sean Naylon
-1 Randall Pitt
-2 Derek Keane
-2 Red Sorrell
-3 Graeme Bertholini
-4 Andrew Pavy
-4 Chris Barker
-6 Andrew Hentschke
-7 Garieth Pitt
-4 Don Bell
-4 Tim Formby
-4 Peter Potbury
-4 Lyndon Gill
-5 Brian Simpson
-5 David Klenke
-5 Jamie McPhee
 0 Peter McNulty
-1 Mark Lynn
-2 David Pryor
-2 Mark Schutt
-4 Max Schebella
-6 Damon Mayes
-7 Kim Wittwer
-7 Kingsley Handke
-8 Lachlan Williams
-8 Kooka
-9 Tony Cash

Nearest the Pins

6th - Sean Naylon
8th - Derek Keane
15th - N/A
17th - Sean Naylon

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