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Mens Saturday Results

Amazing Mayes wins with 41 points

The normally wayward Damon Mayes got on top of his game to win what was the first points scoring competition of the Summer Cup, coming in with 41 stableford points.

Damon reckoned that for once he felt fit and able to use his new clubs how they should be, as he scored twenty points on the front nine and then twenty one, with two scrubs on the back nine.

A grader Chris Barker, in just before Damon, was looking the winner of the day with forty points having had 73 of the stick, forty on the front nine and thirty three on the back nine, where he picked up twenty two of his stableford points.

Mark Lynn's introduction to B grade didn't go all that well with thirty points, having trouble with a few trees, partner Mark Schutt having to retrieve one of his balls from a tree hollow at one stage and another thirty in B grade was Peter Potbury, having a massive drive on the twelfth just past the 150m marker, to set up a birdie.

While the veterans couldn't match Damon's score in C grade, they still came in with good scores, Mac Schebella and Tony Cash both having 35, with Cashie winning the meat tray, strangely the same numbered square being the winner for two weeks in a row, Tony just lucky he had to take the only numbers left.

Allen Anderson played of the wrong handicap going to bowls thinking he had 37 points hut for a bonus point when his correct handicap was entered.

Allen also enjoyed his sandwich after the game, particularly as he plastered the mustard on, which brought him to tears, it being a hotter variety than usual.

Those lucky to get their card picked out have a god at winning the putting jackpot and all missing were Jamie McPhee, Kooka and Don Bell, Jamie one asked to pick a number between 1 and 18 found it difficult to think of a  number, asking is he could phone a friend, must have left his memory on the course in winning B grade with 39 points.

16/11/2019 - Stableford

Winner of the Day

41 - Damon Mayes

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
40 - Chris Barker
35 - Sean Naylon
39 - Jamie McPhee
33 - Michael Clarke
38 - Allen Anderson
35 - Tony Cash


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
34 - Red Sorrell
33 - Mark Condon
32 - Randall Pitt
29 - Garieth Pitt
28 - Derek Keane
25 - Brenton Roberts
33 - Gordon Robson
31 - Don Bell
31 - Ian Schroeter
31 - Aaron Ulstrup
30 - Mark Lynn
30 - Peter Potbury
30 - Bob Wood
28 - David Klenke
27 - Mick Beasley
27 - Brian Simpson
23 - Tim Formby
35 - Max Schebella
31 - John Williams
29 - Dennis Gatehouse
29 - Des Kelly
28 - Perry Jones
28 - Kim Wittwer
25 - Andrew Smith
24 - Mark Schutt
22 - Peter McNulty
18 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - John Williams
8th - Peter McNulty
15th - Bob Wood
17th - Chris Barker

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