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Mens Saturday Results

Chris Barker putts his way to victory

Last Saturday being a Stroke and Putting round in perfect conditions, the stories that were spun around in the clubhouse after the game by 27 starters reflected just about everyone playing on the day, "if only I could putt my score would have been better".

Well someone who did not complain being Chris Barker who won the day won the day with a nett 70, 40 on the front 9 and 36 on the back and also won the putting comp with 23 putts and at the Presentation Night cleaned up several awards too, well done Chris.

Runner up in A Grade the Prez, with a nett 70 on a countback from Gazz

B Grade winner Ian Schroeter with a nett 72, recons it was about the best he has played for a long time missing trees and driving the fairways with runner up Michael Clarke, 73 freshly back from "Noosa".

Dennis Gatehouse with a net 72 won the C Grade easy from mark Schutt 77.

Would not have enough space on this page to tell about the bad putting but K. Handke, P. Jones and B. Simpson all playing in the same group all posted 36 putts each.

Brian moved fastest ever seen on the golf course, as he got out of step and galloped down the dam wall after finding Kinglsey ball.

While talking of Brian's putting it was about as good as his fly swatting in the clubhouse, not very accurate, and during the round said he had a good Stableford score at one stage not realising they were the putts he had had.

Not to be outdone, D. Mayes 4 putts on the 11th with D. Bell 5 putts on the 14th, sorry Don we had to tell everyone.

With Done putting his score on the board, being one of the later finishers, Nobby quipped that with other scores already on it, the height was low enough for him to each the right spot.

Winner of the NAGA award and deserving it was the talkative Kooka with 76 on the front 9 and 72 on the back for 148 off the stick, also 48 putts.

Believe Welks came in with a headache after being in Kooka's group, wonder why and when asked how he went entering the clubhouse said he couldn't hear the question as he still had a Kookaburra in his ear, Kooka during the round asking him why did he keep hitting the ball into the dam.

Hey Gordy what's this back playing your "SHANK SHOTS", Sean and Gazz thought they were far enough away from you, apparently just about not.

Sean, perhaps don't hit the golf ball as hard and you will not crack the casing he having been looking for a refund but i guess winning the meat tray made up for it.

9/11/2019 - Stroke

Winner of the Day

70 - Chris Barker

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
70 - Randall Pitt
71 - Garieth Pitt
72 - Ian Schroeter
73 - Michael Clarke
72 - Dennis Gatehouse
77 - Mark Schutt


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
71 - Red Sorrell
72 - Mark Condon
73 - Graeme Bertholini
74 - Derek Keane
77 - Sean Naylon
78 - Graeme Noble
77 - Mark Lynn
77 - Lyndon Gill
78 - Brian Simpson
81 - Peter Potbury
81 - Tim Formby
81 - Gordon Robson
81 - Don Bell
87 - Brenton Welk
78 - Kingsley Handke
79 - Perry Jones
80 - Max Schebella
81 - Damon Mayes
86 - Tony Cash
148 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Derek Keane
8th - Michael Clarke
15th - Lyndon Gill
17th - N/A


Chris Barker 23 putts

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