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Mens Saturday Results

Cash on the Money

One of the club's long time veterans, C grade player Tony Cash, showed us all that he still has the Midas touch "occasionally" to win the day last Saturday with a nett 69 on a count back from Kingsley Handke.

Reckon it might be that Red Wiggles' golf buggy Tony drive around in that makes him hit further on the course, which is looking green and growing since the recent rains, as over 40 players took advantage of the perfect conditions for the stroke and putting round.

A grade winner was Chris Barker with a fine 71 nett, might be in trouble with the handicapper for next week, with runner up being Red Sorrell, who just keeps on keeping on, with a net 73.

Two new additions to the B grade in Mark Lynn and Lachlan Williams both had good days, with Mark winning on a count back from Lachlan, both with 70 nett.

Both players will definitely start to make their presence felt in the B grade.

Good to see Tim Formby's son Michael out playing golf and especially to win the C grade competition with a net 62, even though he is still on a provisional handicap until next week.

Runner up in C grade was Kingsley Handke who was hitting some nice shots, Brian Simpson claiming that it was his coaching and predictions that saw him eliminate putts on the third and the fifth, by chipping in, as he had his next round on the course.

Perry Jones, hitting off the twelfth tee, was a bit wayward as the ball headed along the tree line on the right where Derek Keane was waiting in the buggy as Randall Pitt was playing his ball in the same line of trees on the neighbouring fairway.

Derek was hoping the ball would by-pass him as he sat frozen in the buggy as the ball headed towards him, lucky it just missed him and true to Perry's nature sand out "I missed you".

David Wright, as the old saying goes, "when you gotta go, you gotta go", cost him an extra four shots on the ninth.

We Understand he was putting for five but was busy like an ant to finish the hole and get to the toilet as he had an extra three shots, no wonder it gave you the trots.

Mark Lynn's tee-off on the sixteenth was lost in the trees over the creek so he decided to hit a provisional ball which he hit into the tree alongside the ladies tee-off block but to his partners amusement it bounced back along the side of the fifteenth green, yeap thirty meters behind him.

Mark decided to then to look for his first tee shot which he found behind the trees and calmly with his thirst shot put the ball on the green and took a couple of putts for five. With golf shots like that you deserve to win the day.

Rumour has it that Des Kelly was told by the handicapper to have a round with club royalty, as Des called them, in the president Randall Pitt, and treasurer Derek Keane and keep an eye on them.

Well it inspired Des as he came in third in B grade but it apparently did nothing for Derek and Randall, as they came in fourth and tenth respectively in A grade.

Brenton Roberts, a former A grade champion, ventured out for a game with his chest stuck out having won Strathalbyn Bowling Club's singles championship a few days earlier. Robo must have been thinking of also winning the bowls club's triples on Saturday afternoon at one stage, as he teed off on the fourteenth with a nice long drive.

Then he was told he had a two shot penalty as he should have hit off the fifth tee block just in front of the fourteenth, so with another tee shot he only got half as far as his first shot having hit a tree.

Michael Clarke in the same group found himself picking up two nines in a row, each time having three putts.

Apparently Kooka's round of 162 is not a record for 18 holes.

Gordon Robson had a reasonable day he thought with NTP on the 6th, 8th and 17th, until Kooka grabbed the one on the eighth before proceeding to have five on the hole and Perry stole the seventeenth, leaving Gordon with just the sixth to gloat on.

Bob Woods was another winner on the day in taking the meat tray home with him.

The club sent three teams to Meningie last Sunday with some good results, picking up two nearest the pin efforts, as twenty two teams went around, runners-up off the stick being the team of Chris Barker, Peter Potbury, Damon Mayes and Gordon Robson, placed third were the team of Andrew Pavy, Graeme Bertholini and Jamie McPhee while in last position came Tim Formby, Allen Anderson, Dennis Gatehouse and Kooka (wondering if they still needed him after his Saturday's performance).

8/2/2020 - Stroke

Winner of the Day

69 - Tony Cash

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
71 - Chris Barker
73 - Red Sorrell
70 - Mark Lynn
70 - Lachlan Williams
62 - Michael Formby
69 - Kingsley Handke


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
74 - Derek Keane
74 - Graeme Noble
75 - Mark Condon
75 - Graham Klenke
77 - Sean Naylon
78 - Graeme Bertholini
78 - Brenton Roberts
79 - Randall Pitt
82 - Peter Potbury
72 - Des Kelly
72 - Brian Simpson
73 - Bob Wood
75 - David Klenke
76 - Don Bell
77 - Michael Clarke
78 - Damon Mayes
78 - David Wright
71 - Lyndon Gill
72 - R. Henry
74 - J. Burger
76 - Ray Kingsbury
78 - Perry Jones
80 - Peter McNulty
80 - John Williams
83 - S. Dillon
85 - Max Schebella
162 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Gordon Robson
8th - Kooka
15th - Peter Potbury
17th - Perry Jones


26 - Michael Clarke
26 - Lachlan Williams

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