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Mens Saturday Results

Gordon Robson very positive for Australia Day

Being the Australia Day long weekend thanks to the 32 starters who ventured out to play everybody's favourite a Par round.

The following players mentioned should be nominated for the Australia Day Awards.

Winner of the day with a +6 and Nearest The Pin on the 15th Gordon Robson was all smiles as he put his winning score up on the board. Sorry you did not receive a standing ovation from the other players in the clubhouse, but I don't think they were paying attention.

Derek Keane also had a day out winning the A Grade competition with a +4 on a countback from Mark Condon, also Nearest The Pin on the eighth and taking home the meat tray raffle.

After a minus on each of the first three holes Brian Simpson started to play his normal standard of golf with a +5 on the back nine to win the B Grade with +3 runner up Don Bell -1.

Even though he is on a 36 handicap well done to Ryan Carpenter to win the C Grade with +13 from his playing partner Lachlan Williams +3.

Congratulations to Peter Potbury who now finds himself in the A Grade. Another left hander making the grade.

Probably Graeme Noble, Dennis Gatehouse and Kingsley Handke deserve a mention for all having 30meter chip ins to score a plus on the eighteenth, third, and sixteenth holes respectfully.

Definitely none of the players mentioned next will deserve a mention in the awards for their antics.

Des Kelly hit his ball out from the edge of the dam but really Des you didn't have to hit it completely out of the bounds on the road.

Bob Woods accidentally picked up Garieth Pitts ball in the rough and thought he won a ball for the day. After realising it was not his he put it back supposedly on the right spot or was it a meter or so out of trouble. It did not have the desired affect as Gaz still came in with a -7.

Graeme Bertholini one putt on the first three holes, your score was not on the board with everyone else, wonder what your final score really was.

Our favourite NAGA Award winner Kooka must rate a mention as it was 45years ago Alby Moran also scored -17 playing a par round. President then was "Long" Don Clarke. Thanks Tim Formby for that bit of trivia.

At one stage Kooka was heading towards the eighteenth tee off area after his first shot off the eleventh and when asked where he was going, the normally noisy Kooka said he was getting away from mark Lynn who was too rowdy.

When we are young kids growing up some off us wanted to be doctors, policemen, work in a pub or play golf off scratch but Graham Klenke apparently wants to be a drain cleaner. Definitely not Australian of the Year award but Graham you did have your 15 seconds of fame.

As we all know Graham plays A Grade golf and can hit the ball a long long way as he did when he drove his ball from the thirteenth tee block and landed it in the drain that runs under the fourteenth fairway. Upon reaching the opening of the drain and looking in to find his ball 1.5 meters up the pipe. Thinking he would just continue on and scrub the hole his playing partners moved on towards the green when players on the nearby fairway sang out "Whats young Klenke doing up the drain?". Well everybody's amusement he decided to go headfirst up the drain to retrieve his ball just with his bum and legs sticking out. We cannot print what he looked like but after 15 seconds he started to wiggle his way out cleaning the pipe as he went. After standing up and shaking himself clean he was asked who is going to clean your clothes to which he replied, of course "Mum". what job will you tackle next week Graham?

A big Happy Birthday to one of the clubs favourite players Perry Jones. Believe your age is a couple of years past 70 but we will not tell anyone. Plenty of golf left in you yet.

It is good to see the continued support both playing golf and for the after match presentations.

Next week is a Stableford round.

Happy golfing.

25/1/2020 - Par

Winner of the Day

+6 - Gordon Robson

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
+4 - Derek Keane
+4 - Mark Condon
+3 - Brian Simpson
-1 - Don Bell
+13 - Ryan Carpenter
+3 - Lachlan Williams


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
+3 - Graham Klenke
 0 - Sean Naylon
-1 - Graeme Noble
-3 - Chris Barker
-4 - Randall Pitt
-4 - Peter Potbury
-5 - Troy Williams
-7 - Garieth Pitt
-1 - Des Kelly
-1 - David Klenke
-2 - Bob Wood
-3 - Tim Formby
-3 - Mark Lynn
-3 - Brenton Welk
-5 - Michael Clarke
+2 - Kingsley Handke
+1 - Perry Jones
 0 - Trevor Calaby
 0 - John Williams
-1 - Mark Schutt
-3 - Tony Cash
-5 - Dennis Gatehouse
-17 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - John Williams
8th - Derek Keane
15th - Gordon Robson
17th - Troy Williams

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