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Mens Saturday Results

Allen Anderson on a countback

Thirty Three players turned up to be part of last Saturday's Stableford competition in pleasant conditions, and Allen Anderson with 41 points was the winner of the day on a countback.

Allen along with playing partner David Wright were certainly the early birds for the day, so much so that there was the thought that he should be disqualified for the early start and his consistent golf, but he had to play bowls in the afternoon, where he found out that he was the winner of the day.

Allen, who had 20 on the front nine and 21 on the back nine, won on a countback from Perry Jones who had 23 on the front nine and 18 on the back nine, missing an easy two foot putt on the seventeenth proving costly, some questioning how he could score so well with his back complaints and calling for a swab.

Winner in A Grade was the president Randall Pitt with 38 over Graeme Noble, in B Grade it was David Wright with 38 from Mark Lynn with 37 and in C Grade it was Perry Jones with 41 from Dennis Gatehouse with 39.

Tim Formby had an eventful day at one stage waiting in the clubhouse thinking his 32 might pick up the NAGA award, starting off all right then finding plenty of tree trouble on the back nine.

He actually heard real Kookaburra's laughing at him and then the resident Kooka, who was in full song with a few wayward shots, as he took the NAGA award again with 15 points, having won the previous Wednesday's competition.

Kim Wittwer certainly did well to get 38 points, having arrived back from Moomba at 2.30a.m. finishing off his game chipping in for a birdie on the last hole, and rewarded by winning the meat tray raffle.

The par three six over the creek caused Des Kelly a bit of grief, stuffing up his tee shot, luckily finishing up just on the edge of the creek and you guessed it, smart enough to get in it with his next shot.

On the back nine, that hole becoming the fifteenth, caused a few more problems, with Lyndon Gill quickly seeing his game go off the rails as he went into the creek, as he lost the plot for the remaining three holes to finish with 32 for the round.

John WIlliams could have finished far better that his creditable 36 points, his tee shot on that hole going right, smacking in the trees on the other side of the creek and then in playing a provisional shot hit the tree just off the tee on the left hand side to see it fall well short of the creek but then proceeded to put it in it with his next shot, so losing two balls in three hits.

John was in the dam the first time around on the seventh and again on the sixteenth, but with the water level low was able to get out both times however not salvaging any points the second time.

Brian Simpson also found himself able to get out of the dam at one stage but he certainly needs glasses as he then proceeded to hit WIlly's ball, probably because it was close to the hole and there were plenty of witnesses to give him a ribbing and make sure he took his punishment, not the first time Brian has hit the wrong ball.

The putting jackpot has risen again when Tony Cash. Derek Keane and Red Sorrell couldn't convert, while new player Simon Jenke won the Terminus award with 25 points on the back nine.

18/1/2020 - Stableford

Winner of the Day

41 - Allen Anderson

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
38 - Randall Pitt
37 - Graeme Noble
38 - David Wright
37 - Ian Schroeter
41 - Perry Jones
39 - Dennis Gatehouse


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
36 - Chris Barker
34 - Sean Naylon
34 - Garieth Pitt
31 - Mark Condon
31 - Derek Keane
30 - Peter Potbury
29 - Red Sorrell
37 - Mark Lynn
35 - Des Kelly
35 - David Klenke
35 - Gordon Robson
34 - Damon Mayes
32 - Don Bell
30 - Tim Formby
30 - Brian Simpson
28 - Jamie McPhee
38 - Lachlan Williams
38 - Kim Wittwer
36 - John Williams
35 - Tony Cash
32 - Lyndon Gill
31 - Ray Kingsbury
30 - Andrew Smith
29 - Max Schebella
15 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Lachlan Williams
8th - Allen Anderson
15th - Don Bell
17th - Kim Wittwer

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