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Mens Saturday Results

Lachlan Williams leads the field

A much cooler day greeted the 27 starters last Saturday with a stroke and putting round being played, the results in the write ups are nett scores with some excellent ones and some better luck next time ones in all grades.

Winner of the day C Grade player Lachlan Williams with a 45 on the front nine and 44 on the back nine to give him a Gross 89 and finish with a nett 63.

Lachlan also won the Terminus voucher also the handicapper indicated he definitely will not be on a 26 handicap next week.

Good to see Andrew Hentschke back winning the A Grade competition with a 69 on a countback from Sean Naylon also 69.

Don Bell with a 69 winner of the B Grade from Damon Mayes 71.

Kingsley "About Time" Handke finally in the C Grade winners circle with a 66 from runner up big hitting Kim Wittwer nett 70.

Dennis Gatehouse love of nature was on display Saturday when his 2nd shot off the fifth fairway towards the green was perfectly placed between about 10 ducks all grazing in front of him. Lucky you didn't hit one Dennis or else you might have had a "Duckie".

Also while he was about to putt on the twelfth green a bee decided to rest on his ball. Well for the next couple of minutes his playing partners Kingsley and Kooka were amused by his effort trying to remove the bee who decided when your on a good thing stick to it. It finally flew away from Dennis to putt out the hole.

The Wildlife is starting to get the blame for a few ball disappearances. Just ask Des Kelly who hit his ball into the trees and it didn't drop out, don't go blaming the Koalas all the time Des.

Dave Klenke was to afraid to knock on the door of the hobbit tree house to see if his ball was inside. They will not hurt you Dave, anyway it just landed to one side.

Not many times 2 players in the one grade end up with the exactly the same score. Dennis Gatehouse and Mark Schutt both had a Gross 95, Nett 73, and 32 Putts.

Plenty of banter towards Aaron Ulstrup when it was announced he was the "NAGA" winner. Reckon it was the first time he has won this award.

If anyone is talking to Pete Potbury just ask him how he lost a bit of hair and couple of scratches on his head. This excuse you will not hear very often, "the air-conditioner jumped out in front of me". Wonder whether it was turned on Peter.

Well done to Graeme Bertholini for winning the putting competition with a fine 23.

Better not forget the President Randall Pitt who took home the meat tray.

That's all for this week, next week we are back to Stableford.

11/1/2020 - Stroke

Winner of the Day

63 - Lachlan Williams

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
69 - Andrew Hentschke
69 - Sean Naylon
69 - Don Bell
71 - Damon Mayes
66 - Kingsley Kandke
70 - Kim Wittwer


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
71 - Graeme Bertholini
74 - Chris Barker
74 - Garieth Pitt
75 - Troy Williams
76 - Derek Keane
77 - Gordon Robson
79 - Red Sorrell
82 - Mark Condon
71 - Tim Formby
74 - Peter Potbury
76 - Ian Schroeter
81 - David Klenke
82 - Des Kelly
83 - Aaron Ulstrup
73 - Dennis Gatehouse
73 - Mark Schutt
81 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Simon Jantke
8th - Garieth Pitt
15th - Mark Condon
17th - Chris Barker and Sean Naylon


23 - Graeme Bertholini

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