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Mens Saturday Results

Peter Potbury painted a perfect round en route to winning the day

Peter Potbury started 2020 with a masterful display of golf to win the day with 41 points fending off the challenges from Damon Mayes and Matthew Roberts who both put up 40 points respectively.

Graeme Noble won A Grade with 37 points staying out of trouble and keeping his composure to hold off Chris Barker who was nipping at his heels with 36 points, Unlike Graeme tho Chris was not able to keep his composure and was left to pick up bits of plastic from his buggy after he took his frustrations out on it after missing what he thought was a simple putt.

B Grade was won by David Klenke who kept trucking along to deliver 38 points to the clubhouse while keeping a B Grade returning Mark Lynn behind him who put up a solid 37 points.

While C Grade had the fewest numbers but it proved to be the closest at the top with Damon Mayes and Matthew Roberts duking it out, finally having to be separated by a count back which Damon Mayes won taking the C Grade Honours and leaving Matthew Roberts an unlucky runner up.

Michael Clarke might need to start tying some string around his finger to remind him to strap his golf bag to the cart after getting a lift from Tim Formby, Clarkey strapped the bag in the first time but after taking the strap off to get his golf ball and tee out forgot to put the strap back on allowing his bag to make a break for freedom down the first fairway.

Clarkey was not the only one to have some trouble with the carts today as Des Kelly needed some guidance from Dennis Gatehouse to avoid a wondering koala.

Gordon Robson had an interesting fourth hole ending up on the fifth fairway and then having an ordinary shot run up to the fifth tee block before hitting the tee marker and going on the seventh fairway, he was all smiles though when he got back to clubhouse and updated the Gordy Shank Meter to 56days without a shank! well done Gordy!.

Kooka had a dismal day finding the dam, out of bounds, many many trees and resting up against at least 5 fences on his way to the NAGA Award, his day only got worse at the seventeenth when he hit a great tee shot and put it on the green to end up 5 putting and scratching the hole, as his playing partner Michael Clarke said "he was further away from the hole after his 3rd putt than he was after his tee shot."

Allen Anderson again selected the correct number to win the meat tray for the second week in a row, BBQ at your place Ando?.

Mark Schutt won the Terminus Hotel schnitzel voucher with 24 points on the front nine, what happened to the back nine Mark?.

After Don Bells heroics last week the Lucky Putt Jackpot was reset to $20, the winner of the day Peter Putbury pulling his own card out first up followed by the cards of Brenton Roberts and Sean Naylon, all three tried to emulate Don Bell but each came up a bit short.

Next week is Stroke and Putting.

4/1/2020 - Stableford

Winner of the Day

41 - Peter Potbury

Grade Winners

A Grade
B Grade C Grade
37 - Graeme Noble
36 - Chris Barker
38 - David Klenke
37 - Mark Lynn
40 - Damon Mayes
40 - Matthew Roberts


A Grade
B Grade
C Grade
35 - Randall Pitt
34 - Graeme Bertholini
33 - Mark Condon
33 - Sean Naylon
32 - Andrew Hentschke
32 - Brenton Roberts
31 - Garieth Pitt
30 - Derek Keane
28 - Graham Klenke
34 - Des Kelly
34 - Gordon Robson
33 - Brenton Welk
32 - Tim Formby
32 - David Wright
31 - Don Bell
29 - Michael Clarke
39 - Mark Schutt
36 - Allen Anderson
30 - Dennis Gatehouse
21 - Kooka

Nearest the Pins

6th - Mark Schutt
8th - Brenton Roberts
15th - Graeme Bertholini
17th - Gordon Robson

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